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Help with writing a Business plan

Our professional business plan writers carry out rigorous non-financial, strategic and financial analysis based on solid market research and realistic financial assumptions and thereafter  create a high-quality bespoke business plan on your behalf for any purpose including applying for a business loan, fund raising from investors or  requesting for an entrepreneur visa.We have a strong track record of creating success stories for our clients by providing help with writing a business plan or writing the business plan on their behalf.  

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  1. Our Business Plans are of very high professional standards with a  very strong emphasis on market research and financial analysis involving  financial forecasts for at least 2-5 years.
  2. We have a very strong track record on business plan writing and have  written hundreds of business plans across sectors for our clients.
  3. We have a very strong understanding of the expectations of lenders and investors with regards to business plans.
  4. We write business plans with the participation of customers  thereby making them “investment ready” before they pitch to lenders  and investors.
  5. We write high-quality bespoke business plans at the most competitive rates in the market.

The Business Plan Writing Process

  1. Download a Basic Information Sheet (BIS)  
  2. Fill the  BIS and send to us via email at;
  3. A call back is then made to discuss the submitted BIS with you, to agree on the type of business plan and to confirm the order;
  4. Based on the type of business plan, an invoice is then established and sent to you via email;
  5. You are expected to pay 50% of the invoice by BACS transfer or by debit or credit card; 
  6. Work on the business plan writing commences;
  7. You are notified as soon as a draft of the business plan is ready;
  8. The outstanding 50% of the invoice is paid and the draft is then transmitted to you via email for a review and feedback;
  9. Based on feedback from you, all requested amendments are made, and the business plan is upgraded accordingly ;
  10. The final copy of the business plan is then transmitted to you via email.

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