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BUSINESS PLAN writing, Equity sourcing and investment services

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide help and support to individuals looking forward to starting up or growing their businesses through our business plan writing, project viability assessment, equity sourcing and microfinance and banking investment services. 

Our Core Values

  • Humility: We are selfless and modest in serving our customers 
  • Integrity:  We exercise utmost honesty in all dealings with our customers 
  • Responsiveness: We ensure that all services to our customers are delivered within promised deadlines 
  • Empathy: Our customers come first in all we do
  • Devotion: We are committed to our mission in all dealings with our customers.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our customers benefit from free business consultancy from dedicated consultants
  • We have reviewed and written hundreds of bespoke business plans for our customers
  • We are professionals in financial forecasting and modelling
  • We have a combined experience of over 40 years in business planning, corporate finance and financial services
  •  Our services are of high-quality and are customized to suit specific business planning needs
  • We invest in financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa

Our Services

Business Plan Writing

Our professional business plan writers carry out rigorous non-financial, strategic, and financial analysis based on solid market research and realistic assumptions and create high-quality bespoke business plans on behalf of our clients for any purpose including applying for business loans, fundraising from investors or requesting for entrepreneur visas.We have a strong track record of creating success stories for our clients through our bespoke business plan writing service. 

Project Viability Assessment

Our corporate finance professionals assess and determine the viability  of various projects by embarking on a preliminary due diligence process  and robust financial modeling to enable our clients to have a more  precise and better understanding of their business models before  approaching lenders and investors who might be interested in financing  such projects. Our project viability assessment service helps our  clients to make informed decisions towards implementing, improving or  discarding their business models. 

Equity Sourcing

Based on the funding thresholds and the viability of specific projects,  our equity sourcing service enables us to introduce such projects to a   set of identified investors specifically interested in financing such  projects on an exit plan of 3-5 years. We focus on projects in the  financial services industry exclusively for implementation in designated  Sub-Saharan African countries.  

Microfinance and Banking Investments

Being a constituted team of banking, finance and investment professionals, we create projects on microfinance and banking institutions for implementation in specific Sub-Saharan African countries. Following a successful creation of such projects, we then engage in fundraising activities for their execution and participate actively in their realization by providing leadership on an exit plan of 3-5 years.

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