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Project Viability assessment


We assess and determine the viability of various projects by embarking on a preliminary due diligence process and carrying out robust financial modelling to enable our clients to have a more precise and better understanding of their business models before approaching lenders and investors to secure or raise funds for their implementation. Our project viability assessment service helps our clients to make informed decisions about implementing, improving or discarding their business models.   

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  1. Our team is made up of corporate finance professionals who are  highly experienced, trained and qualified with regards to project  financing including highly skilled bankers.
  2. Our preliminary due diligence process is robust and quite similar to that of mainstream  investors.
  3. We have a strong understanding of the expectations of investors and lenders with regards to  project financing.
  4. We have built and continue to develop sustainable relationships with  investors  around the world.
  5. We offer bespoke high-quality services  at highly competitive rates.

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